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hiring: transparency

Be Transparent - me.  

I have always been ultra-transparent and I have never been bitten by it.  I really don't see why founders aren't more transparent about simple things, like what their founders’ equity ownership is, and what their salary is in the company.  

I often go much further than this and share the entire salary plan and equity plan for all employees with everyone in the company.  It does something incredibly important.  It will convince engineers, who are generally mistrusting, conservative and logical people, that you thought through the salary plan and equity logically and the fact that you shared it with everyone will help them trust you.  

Whenever I do stuff like this, it gets a lot of attention, but I really don't understand it, I just think this is normal and a no-brainer. It also heads off at the pass that drunken disclosure scenario that always gets someone pissed off or quietly erased.

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