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hiring: never let go

Never Let Go - If you find a person you want to join your team, then never let go.  

It doesn't matter what it takes.  Those that know me, or have been at the 3rd Street Grill in Soma (where I do a lot of my hiring), know that I am an animal when it comes to hiring.  I don't beat around the bush, I tell them that I want them to join and that I am willing to do whatever it takes to get them.  

I have been interviewed by candidates' wives, husbands, girlfriends and even moms in order to go over all of their concerns.  I have  brought in a shaman monk to bless a desk and even tried to get someone that red swingline stapler from “Office Space” to get them to join. 

I just don't let people go away.  In the entire time I was trying to hire people at Powerset I can only remember losing two guys once they got to the final round with me.

When you are building your team, be relentless, be a hiring monster and never let go of someone once you know you want them.

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