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hiring: hiring super A 

Super A = a(a), a=a, super B=c(c), b=c and c=0 - Various sources but probably mostly Peter Thiel and a little bit of Luke Nosek.  

Super A = a(a) - Uber-connected leaders are super A’s.  Get one of those and 10 A-level people will join.  

a=a. A-level people that aren’t super-connected will at least recruit one other A-level person.

super B=c(c)  Super-connected B-level people, “super Bs,” are the most dangerous of all for 2 reasons.  People who are B-level know it and therefore often refer C-level people to join so that they end up looking good when compared relative to their co-workers (i.e. b=c).  Therefore Super-Bs will invite 10 C-levels to join, which is a total disaster.  

c=0  In an effort to improve the gene pool, C-level people should simply be killed, (metaphorically speaking, of course) or at least kept as far away as possible from your company.  

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